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Re: Random Music Chatter

Post by Soul Eater on Fri May 27, 2016 12:23 pm

I don't know who to believe because Kesha let it happen to earn her millions and in Hollywood that's normal. I wouldn't bitch if I was in her place. She wanted money and she got it.

Now she's milking it for the sake of a comeback
Like srsly think back to when Kesha first came out and nobody liked her
And now she gets a standing ovation and is a hero

Pity card used brilliantly 

And I don't get the case either. She's not allowed to make music ? Her contract isn't that expensive to buy. If Taylor donated her that money she could have easily bought her out of that contract... Kesha herself should be able to buy herself out of it. I don't believe she doesn't have a 1.5 million dollar laying around
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Re: Random Music Chatter

Post by Gary on Fri May 27, 2016 7:22 pm

You don't know the details of her contract or how much each album (3 allegedly) left on her contract would be to buy out.

I don't think she has as much money as people would think. Her success was very short and was mainly single sales. She didn't sell much albums despite having several hit singles (mainly in the US). Thats not taking into account money she has spent since 2009 to 2016 (7 years) and also legal fees.

You have several leading artists defending her including people who have worked with him and others have talked about him being abusive to her such as calling her a refridgerator on the set of "Die Young".

By keeping another human being locked within a contract against their will and denying them being able to record new songs (True Colours was considered a remix) or perform their hits songs is disgusting. How does he expect her to continue to make money? He wants to cut off her ability to fight him in court and make her further miserable. He denied her being able to perform at the BBMAs (another cover so she would make no money) and only "allowed" her after the backlash.

All signs of an abuser. Don't forget the picture he had on twitter of her lying down looking knocked out saying he works his artists hard which he quickly deleted when the scandal broke.

Why did you turn against her so much?

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