Surprising Hits

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Surprising Hits

Post by Gabe on Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:17 pm

Well, how about the songs you were surprised to see become hits? Whether good or bad, you just didn't expect them to be a success.

I'll start it off

I can see how this song became the huge hit that it did, it's extremely catchy. But I remember first listening to it, thinking it was a great song, but knowing that these guys hadn't scored at least a moderate hit in years, it was going to go by unnoticed. I mean, Robin's highest charting song was #14 in 2007, and everything else released after that had completely missed the Top 50 all together. T.I. and Pharell had also struggled to score any hits. T.I.'s last big song was "Dead And Gone" with JT in 2009 and Pharell's was in 2006. LOL!

Definitely surprised me to see it rise so quickly and stay on top for 12 weeks.

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