Favourite Albums of 2014

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Favourite Albums of 2014

Post by Gary on Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:02 am

Not really a particularly great year was it?

In no particular order - this is the way the image uploader uploaded them:

I am really enjoying hearing a lot of these songs for the first time. I was missing out on a great artist all these years.

Pop album of the year. Boom Clap pop song of the year and Fancy song of the summer. I just can't give this girl enough credit. I really recommend this album.

I listen to this nearly daily. I know it wasn't the pop album we all expected after the pop singles but it is still a pretty darn strong folksy album. A lot like Many Moore's latest stuff. Just happy to finally have this after 6 years.

Solid album. No idea why she didn't give a toss about it considering it was her most consistent album to date but she has a thing of throwing the towel in early with her latest few albums.

Love this. Dark pop. Habits was just brilliant but some other decent songs on this too.


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